Sheila Dikshit start cash transfer scheme in Delhi

The government’s ambitious direct cash transfer programme was rolled out in two districts of Delhi on Tuesday with only four out of 26 identified schemes being covered. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit launched the centrally-sponsored Aadhaar-enabled direct cash transfer scheme being implemented in North West and North East districts. Around 12,000 beneficiaries of four schemes – […]

Congress need to touch with people: Shiela

Delhi chief minister and Congress leader Shiela Dikshit after defeat in municipal election said that ” No connection with the people may have been a cause for the defeat. Know party need to get in touch with people. Contact with people must continue. Shiela does not think the defeat is a personal setback even though […]

Delhi MCD Election Result: Congress accept people’s verdict

The Congress party accepted its defeat in Delhi elections for the three civic bodies after the first few hours of counting of votes. Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said, “We accept people’s verdict. We will certainly try to ascertain the causes of our poor showing in the days to come. The Congress leader was quick to […]

Congress targeted BJP for raising national issues in MCD Election

Congress has been targeting BJP for raising national issues in municipal elections but on Friday it treaded the same path. “Our party takes everyone under its wings, irrespective of caste, community or region,” Sheila Dikshit said. Barely a few hours earlier, Dikshit addressed a similar election meet in Defence Colony but her speech saw no […]

MCD Election: Congress hit back at BJP

Delhi state Congress party attacked on BJP with a white paper titled ‘Five Years of Misrule of BJP in MCD’. MCD under BJP is “all false claims, no work”, the white paper said. Labelling the BJP rule as “catastrophic”, it listed 31 issues where BJP has failed to deliver. Earlier this week, BJP had released […]

MCD Election: Congress faith in Sheila to ensure victory of candidates

The Delhi state Congress high command has entrusted Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikhsit with the task of campaigning to ensure victory of party candidates in the MCD elections scheduled for April 15. The party has expressed its faith in Dikhsit for helping the party to emerge victorious. For preparing the Congress manifesto for the municipal […]

MCD Election: Congress attacked on BJP for ‘poor’ MCD work

Congress will build up a strong campaign around this to justify the Delhi government’s decision to trifurcate the civic body. To achieve this end, the party will compare maintenance of civic infrastructure under the Delhi government and BJP-ruled MCD. party plans to highlight the poor management of the building department in view of recent building […]

MCD Election: Congress has set up a poll campaign committee

Less than 10 days away for MCD Election, Congress has set up a campaign committee to give final touches to its strategy to woo voters with its development initiatives. The party is also working on a strategy to blunt the attack of BJP, which, for the moment, controls MCD. Chandni Chowk MP and HRD minister […]

Congress alleged on MCD for grave irregularities

Delhi state Congress party  alleged on present MCD government for grave irregularities  in MCD, Party  saying that the financial position of the corporation is very bad and it is neck deep in debt. The financial position of the corporation is very bad. It has not been managed for the five years. There is a liability […]