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Delhi Elections : Triple ‘I’ and Triple ‘P’ will be the buzzwords of BJP

Giving an insight into BJP’s poll plank for the general elections, party’s national vice-president and in-charge of central election management Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said that internal security, inflation and incompetence of Congress-led UPA government will be the buzzwords of saffron party’s attack on the Congress. Though the party has identified several issues, the thrust will […]

Delhi Elections : Ch Prem Singh create the World Record for contest and win all the elections

Born at village Lado Sarai in New Delhi on 20th December, 1932 and educated at Delhi College (Now Dr. Zakir Hussain College) of University of Delhi, Ch. Prem Singh – the Speaker of Delhi Assembly has the marvellous distinction of creating the World Record for contesting and winning all the elections since last 50 years […]

Ms Sonia Gandhi complete 10 years as president of the Congress

Ms Sonia Gandhi complete 10 years as president of the Congress. When Ms Gandhi entered the political scene in 1998, elbowing out Mr Sitaram Kesri from post of the Congress president, the Congress had been out of power for a few years. However, under her leadership, the Nehru-Gandhi name once again worked to keep the […]

Delhi Elections : Congress is preparing for a series of assembly elections

With a string of defeats already haunting it, an organisationally impaired Congress faces a long poll season with about 10 states due for elections later this year. Beginning with Meghalaya next month, Nagaland, Tripura, Mizoram, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi will go to the polls over the next few months. […]

AFTER THE INDIAN CENTURY- Indian democracy is not free of perversions

Taking a broad view of how humanity had performed in the 20th century,  The past century with despair. The century of wars, the Holocaust, Hiroshima, depressions, the scourge of AIDS, environmental degradation, and other forms of exploitation was savage enough. Yet, in the midst of the misery, principally of Western making, one country stands out. […]

Indian politics gets more fractious

As Pakistan goes through unprecedented turmoil under the confrontation launched by religious fundamentalists, India too is moving towards greater, if admittedly low-intensity, political strife and fractiousness. That is the most significant portent from the recent presidential election in India, undoubtedly the most contentious in its Independent history. The election for the first time installed a […]