Delhi Elections : BJP meet to review election debacle

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Rajnath Singh on Saturday owned up responsibility for the party’s poor electoral showing and stressed that there was no need to “single out one person” for the debacle.

He said if one person has to take the blame “I am taking reponsibility”.

This is the first major gathering of the party leaders to discuss the electoral failure.

Singh said that the poll outcome showed that the country was proceeding towards a bi-polar polity and defended the issuesof Hindutva raised in the election campaign.

However, Singh maintained that there would be no compromise on ideology and added that the party would not regret the issues rose during campaigning like communal reservations as they were in the “country’s welfare”.

The BJP got 116 seats in the Lok Sabha elections – down from the 138 in 2004.

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