RWA appeal to citizens Vote for clean candidate in MCD Election

Resident Welfare Association’s (RWAs) of Delhi have made an appeal to its citizens to come out and vote for clean candidates with good image rather than party lines in the municipal elections on Sunday. It is the duty of the RWAs to see that clean elections are held in Delhi and clean candidates elected by putting the candidate’s profile and conduct above his political affiliation. In the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) elections, the role of the party is minimal. Councillors have to get funds for themselves.

Most of the elections in the country are fought on party lines, but capital’s residents should come out and vote for clean candidates irrespective of party so that they can show that they have the last word. At a time when people are more concerned than ever about the corrupting role that money plays in our elections , the RWA’s have a greater role to see elections are clean and fair,” said Anil Bajpai, president, Delhi Resident’s Forum and RWA Federation, Delhi East.

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