Congress need to touch with people: Shiela

Delhi chief minister and Congress leader Shiela Dikshit after defeat in municipal election said that ” No connection with the people may have been a cause for the defeat. Know party need to get in touch with people. Contact with people must continue. Shiela does not think the defeat is a personal setback even though she campaigned vigorously for her party. She explained her stand saying, “It is my duty as a senior party leader to campaign, which I did. But this is municipal election, not an Assembly election or parliamentary election and does not reflect on my performance at all.

Sheila Dikshit dismissed any suggestion that it may portend similar results in other elections with: “We lost in the MCD polls in 2007 also. But that didn’t impact the results of the Assembly and General Elections that followed. We won both.” Later, she did say that the election results will be considered as a referendum against her government if the Congress goes on to lose in the Assembly or General Elections.

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