15th Finance Commission meets representatives of Urban Local Bodies of Punjab

The 15th Finance Commission had a detailed meeting with representatives of the Urban Local Bodies of the State of Punjab along with senior officials of the state. While the Commission raises many queries, the ULB representatives raised a number of  issues.

Status as provided by Punjab on 3Fs:

❖Punjab Municipal Act, 1911 and the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976 are the acts providing for local self-governance for ULB’s

❖All 18 functions envisaged in the Twelfth Schedule of the Constitution have been devolved to ULB’s

❖Elections to ULB were held in parts in Feb 2015, Dec 2017 and Feb 2018.

❖The state is currently following the recommendations of 5th SFC Report: The Commission recommended 4% of the Net total tax revenue of the state (less cost of collection) to be devolved to local bodies.

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