Dak Adalat   on 25  March

Nagpur ,   1 March 2019

        Complaints/grievances regarding Postal Services pertaining to  Vidarbha Region which have not been settled within 6 weeks will be entertained in the Dak Adalat. Dak Adalat will be held on   25  March 2019  at 11 AM in the office of the  Postmaster General, Nagpur Region, Nagpur-10.

            Complaints and grievances not replied within six weeks will only be tendered in the Dak Adalat. Complaints in duplicate   must be addressed to – Sh.  Mahanti Santosh Kumar Narahari, Assistant Director,  Postal Services-III and Secretary, Dak Adalat, Postmaster General, Nagpur Region, Shankar Nagar Post Office Building, Nagpur-10 & should reach to above address on or before 15  March 2019.   

              The  name/ designation of the officer to whom the original complaint was addressed and the date on which it was tendered is to be mentioned.    This information is given by Postmaster General, Nagpur Region, Nagpur.   


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